PVD Methods Explained

Hauzer PVD machine at ECF

PVD (physical vapor deposition) is a highly technical coating process performed in an artificial vacuum, known for its aesthetic and performance benefits. There are several different methods for producing PVD coatings, which include cathode arc evaporation, magnetron sputter, electron beam evaporation, ion beam sputter, and laser ablation. Cathode Arc Evaporation Cathode arc evaporation consists of … Continue reading PVD Methods Explained

What Are We Training For? Work.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”—Albert Einstein Training offers employees the chance to fine-tune their skills and sometimes discover a hidden talent. Continual training ensures opportunity and success for both our employees and our company. There have been many employees taking on training in order to learn more about new … Continue reading What Are We Training For? Work.

Moving Up: How Employees Have Advanced Their Careers at ECF

ECF has grown and changed a lot since 1977, and so have ECF employees. Steve Hulst, Kim Vollema, and Beau Shupe have all worked at ECF for years, and during that time, they’ve developed their professional skills, held all sorts of positions and job titles, and advanced their careers. Steve Hulst began his career at … Continue reading Moving Up: How Employees Have Advanced Their Careers at ECF